About Us

Melisa farm is the family company, founded in 1992, specialized in herb extracts production.

Company was founded by spouses Željka and Miloslav Pinćir. It was created from their affection for everything healthy and natural. Love for the work Pinćir spouses passed on to their sons, Stevan and Petar, who have found their own place in the company’s structure.
The business started with producing and processing of the herbs. Through the years, with the improvement of technology and serious work, it developed to dry extract herbs production standardized for active constituents.
As a result of this hard and persistent work, Melisa farm is proud of its production. The company became domestic market leader in production of dry extracts. Today, more than 90% of Melisa farm products are exported to Western European and USA markets, which is also a proof of the quality.
The company permanently works on developing and improving the technology. The main products are standardized dry and liquid extracts on active constituents (such as: aescin, hypericin, apigenin, arbutin, glucofrangulin, hederacoside C, polyphenols, etc.)
Quality control is done inside the internal laboratory, equipped with: HPLC, GC, TLC, UV, microbiology and other equipment made for physical chemistry analyses.
Company is certified and obliged to constant development of quality, which is in interest of our customers. This was prerequisite for progressing on domestic market, and for development on the international market. Melisa farm is in the process of implementing the GMP certificate, as the confirmation of all pharmaceutical industry requirements.

Our Vision

The prerequisite to export the products was expansion of production capacities. Currently, the company is working on a further enlargement of export capacities. Synchronously with enlargement of production, Melisapharm is introducing saving energy innovations, which has a positive ecological aim, and also, intent to save money. In 2009. company was granted with support for developing ecological awareness inside the production.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce added value by nurturing tradition, by affection for herbs and nature, as well as family values. This is the way to improve human health on a global scale, and to spread the awareness on use of natural preparations made with love, through family work.