Our production facilities are in Svilojevo, nearby Apatin.

Production facilities contain the complete assembly line for dry extract production.
The overall production, from raw material delivery to the final product, is controlled by our internal laboratory. In addition to controlling, our laboratory is responsible for developing the process of new products. The external laboratories do the analyses for which our internal laboratory is not equipped.

Raw material supply is conducted from reliable suppliers, that are HACCP system authorized. We pay particular attention if our suppliers hold the licenses from relevant institutions, for herb buyout. This is the way to be sure that there is no threat to protected species. We educate herb collectors how to properly use the natural resources, and thus we raise their awareness on ecological issues. Due to safety measures of regular supply and cultivation control, Melisa farm has contracted land areas covered with herbs. One of the cultivated herbs is echinacea purpurea.

Currently, in our assortment we have more than 40 dry extracts, and we make extracts ordered by clients, if the particular ones are not in our stock on hand. Aside from dry extracts, company offers liquid extracts (extractum fluidum), water-alcohol and propylene glycol. Part of our offer are instant tea and beverages mixtures.

Melisa farm, also, offers encapsulating and blister packaging. As well as packaging and labeling into boxes. Which means that the clients may order final product labeled with their brand name. We are interested in cooperation with other companies in order to distribute the common products.